Inter Cordes international String Instruments competition is organized by the international cultural association ArtimA (based in Paris, France), represented by Maria Christiany (president of ArtimA and jury member of Nouvelles Etoiles) with the support of Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental (CRD) Jean Wiener (conservatory based in Bobigny, Grand Paris, France) and "Bright Bows" professional chamber orchestra from Novossibirsk (Siberia, Russia)

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ARTIMA Association (Paris, France)

Founder and co-organizer

Franco-Russian music and arts center, ArtimA is the founder and co-organizer of Nouvelles Etoiles music competition and festival. Based in Paris, the school offers various artistic activities for children and adults, in several languages ​​(French, Russian and English). ArtimA is represented by Maria Christiany, violinist-concertist at an international level and violin teacher based in Paris (France).


Conservatoire Jean Wiener (Bobigny, France)

Co-organizer and partner

The "Jean Wiener" Departmental Conservatory in Bobigny has been a co-organizer and partner of Nouvelles Etoiles international online music competition since the beginning, in 2020. It offers music, song, theater and dance lessons, as well as a university, a documentation center and loan of instruments for its students.

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BRIGHT BOWS professional orchestra

Co-organizer and partner

"Bright Bows" is a professional chamber music orchestra from Novossobirsk (Siberia, Russia), founded and directed by Marina Kuzina, violin teacher and emeritus artist in Russia who is also member of Nouvelles Etoiles highly qualified jury.

Our Jury Members

Inter Cordes Jury is composed of renowned teachers from the best French and Russian Conservatories.